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A poll of 1,000 workers carried out by Bunkabin found that many businesses do not comply with the Workplace (Health and Welfare) Regulations 1992 that require employees to provide the right number of toilets for the number of employees that use them.


The survey found that more than one in four workplaces (28%) did not have separate lockable toilets for men and women and 11% had fewer toilets than required. A total of 8% of workplaces had no toilets at all, and around 6% of staff toilets had no clean water access. Around two in five (40%) of the businesses do not have rooms for staff to rest in.


A director of Bunkabin, Luke Rothwell said: “It is shocking to think that there are employees not being provided with access to clean water, let alone basic facilities like toilets and an area to rest. While it may be difficult for industries that work outside, like the construction and agriculture sectors, to provide the same facilities as an office, it is not impossible.”


There is a legal requirement for adequate washing and toilet facilities. Businesses can be issued with an improvement notice from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), and if they do not upgrade their facilitates within the next 21 days, they can be prosecuted or fined. In extreme cases, directors could even face a jail sentence.


The findings of Bunkcabin highlight that the health and safety of staff involves much more than using protective workwear. Access to good standard toilets, fresh water and restrooms are compulsory too.


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