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With the World Cup already under way in Brazil, a worker on a major civil engineering project in Sao Paulo has been killed.

The unnamed worker died on a 17-mile branch of the capital city's new monorail after being hit by a concrete beam, which is understood to have fell from one section of the track being built near the Congonhas airport.

Authorities have also confirmed another worker was injured in the incident, with all correct person protective equipment (PPE) likely to have been worn.

Planned to be operational ahead of the World Cup, the monorail was meant to be a shining beacon for the country as it hosts the world's premier footballing festival and the Olympics in the next two years.

Aimed at reducing congestion in the city and linking up the metro system, it was to receive its biggest test as fans arrived from across the world.

However, just a month into the project, the Brazilian government admitted that it would not be ready in time for the World Cup.

Planned to also reduce travel times from the city to its main airport, its failure to open is being hampered further by continuing issues on the existing metro system.

As with much of Brazil, the metro has been affected by workers taking industrial action. There have been a high number of strikes in the country in the run up to the tournament, with working conditions and pay being the two most prominent contentions.

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