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A scaffolder working on a central London project was forced to stop work after being reported on a number of occasions by a concerned member of the public.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) successfully prosecuted Greg Pearson, the proprietor of Pearsons Scaffolding, after it carried out two visits to the worksite.

The work was taking place at Tavistock Street in Central London, with scaffolding at a height of 15 feet. A member of the public became so concerned for the welfare of the workmen and passersby, she submitted three complaints to HSE, which included videos and photographs as evidence.

On the resulting visits to the worksite, HSE discovered that the scaffolding was not erected correctly and the workers were using unsafe practices, which was putting them all at risk of serious injury or even death. No protection had been put in place to prevent any members of the public from being injured by falling scaffolding. Although a Prohibition Notice was issued ordering the company to stop work until the scaffold was erected safely, the company continued to work without regard for safety. A second notice was issued and the contractor decided to hire a different company to do the work.

Pearson, from Enfield, pleaded guilty to the offences and was given two suspended prison sentences, running concurrently. He also had to pay a victim surcharge of £80 and costs of £200.

Although a serious incident did not occur on this occasion, it is crucial that all construction workers use PPE and put appropriate safety measures in place.

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