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A chemical company has recently been fined £3 million following three incidents, one of which killed a worker and seriously injured another.

Cristal Pigment UK Ltd, of Stallingborough, Lincolnshire, also had to pay costs of £37,868, following the verdict at Hull Crown Court. The court heard that the incident was caused by the company's “high level of dereliction of duty”, which resulted in a massive explosion and the death of a worker.

The company pleaded guilty following the investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), admitting that it had not taken sufficient measures to prevent an accident that led to the release of corrosive and toxic gases when cleaning a tank in July 2010. The company also admitted not protecting members of the public from the toxic gases.


Paul Doyley had been working underneath a large tank when it exploded with the contents, including titanium tetrachloride gas, showering the nearby area. Although Doyley was transferred immediately to hospital, he passed away due to his injuries.

Ronald Ingoldby was also injured in the explosion, suffering chemical burns to his lungs. He remained in hospital until March 22, but continued to experience difficulties on his release. The company was found to have jeopardised the safety of its workers, along with members of the public who may have been walking on the nearby footpath.

Companies are expected to put measures in place to prevent injury, illness and death in the workplace, along with protecting the public. Measures may include the use of PPE or protective workwear.

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