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A leading supplier of automated supply management solutions for industry has released a new system to manage medium to high volume usage inventory, which it claims is perfect for control of personal protection equipment (PPE)

Inventor-e said that its new Cab-e-net system is the most advanced multiple-item dispensing solution currently available, boasting unparalleled flexibility to guarantee both direct and indirect supplies are available at the point of use.

The system employs the internet and weight sensor technology to monitor product levels more effectively than had previously been possible, making it suitable for inventory of key items such as PPE.

Inventor-e said that employees and system users will be provided with swipe cards to gain access to the needed supplies and Cab-e-net tracks the quantities of each item used.

Manufacturing Talk quoted Dean Henry, managing director of Inventor-e, saying: "With the launch of Cab-e-net, Inventor-e provides a revolutionary generation of dispensing capabilities, which will help companies ensure that materials are available in the right place at the right time with the right level of accountability.

"Cab-e-nets capability to manage products that were previously unable to be managed at point of use successfully, due to item size and/or high volume usage, gives our customers the ability to control inventory they would otherwise thought impossible to be managed at point of use."

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