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Europe's largest independent insurance brokerage has started offering discounted policies for using battery-powered personal protective equipment (PPE).

Towergate provides the lower priced deals to contractors wearing battery-lit high-vis clothing after working with a manufacturer of the technology and analysing its effectiveness.

The boss of UK-based firm Fhoss Technology, Andy Kimitri, said:

“Towergate worked with us for a year, collecting data, to check if the product can reduce accidents – and they’re now satisfied that it can.”

According to Towergate, the best performing areas for the wearable safety tech is in reducing slips, trips and falls.

This is down to the lights fitted to the bottom of workwear trousers, which light up the immediate walking area for staff.

Kimitiri explained:

“The lights at the bottom of the trouser legs glow, which means workers can see the area around where they are stepping.”

He went on to say that it is far more preferable than working with head torches, which only illuminates a fraction of the area.

The illuminated safety wear from Fhoss works with the help of reflective tape with a battery-powered core. Unlike more conventional hi-vis gear, this lights up without any need for an external power source or ambient light.

For working in light-limited areas, poor conditions and inclement weather, the PPE becomes particularly relevant.

It is this that has seen so many high-profile customers agree contracts with Fhoss. In the UK alone, workers from the likes of Transport for London and Network Rail use the clothing for railside operations.

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