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A banksman who suffered devastating head injuries after being hit by a steel shutter has confounded the experts by making a strong recovery.


Sean Taylor, 29, was doing work on an Olympic-sized swimming pool project in Bilborough, Nottingham.


On Valentine's Day, the tall shutter fell in the same way as a domino and, because of his 6'5” height, pinned Taylor up against the wall. It hit just underneath his personal protective equipment (PPE) hard hat, crushing his skull from both sides.


With his colleagues stating that had he been shorter the shutter would have missed Taylor, the site manager and his co-worker for 12 years, Paul Soroczyk, thought he was dead, explaining:


“I saw the shutter squash his head. There was blood coming out of his ears, eyes, mouth and nose. I had never seen anything like it in 23 years in the industry.”


It is not clear whether Taylor's PPE equipment mitigated the injuries suffered, which may be determined by the Health and Safety Executive investigation that is still ongoing.


With the doctors advising the family that he may not regain consciousness, a relative said that Taylor’s recovery was completely unexpected, adding:


“It is a miracle, honestly. We were told to say goodbye to him and three months later he is up walking around and talking to people.”


Slowly waking from his coma and having undergone hours of surgery, Taylor is now speaking and walking again. He will continue to have rehab and may need further reconstructive surgery to his skull.

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