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A new report by Advanced Market Analytics on the global industrial clothing market has forecast significant growth in sales during the next few years.
 Industrial clothing is a type of workwear that protects the wearer from hazards including grease, oil, chemicals and extreme temperatures. There are several reasons why the industrial clothing market is expanding. Many governments have introduced more strict safety regulations to protect workers and members of the public. In addition, many economies are improving, and this has created more industrialisation. Workers have become more aware of safety issues and are demanding protective workwear.
 Globally, there has been an increase in workplace accidents, some of them fatal. This has increased sales of durable and safe workwear.
 The COVID-19 pandemic focused attention on safety issues. As the number of COVID cases decreases due to vaccination, it is expected that the threat of the virus will still remain. There will continue to be a demand for workwear that protects workers from infections.
 Another driver of industrial clothing sales is new technologies, including more lightweight and durable fabrics. Ventilated workwear allows air to circulate around the wearer's body. Workwear containing sensors can warn the wearer if they are entering hazardous environments, and it can collect data that informs health and safety policies.
The report forecasts that in the five-year period from 2021 to 2026, the market for protective industrial clothing will experience a steady rise as more workers are protected from health and safety hazards.

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