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A school in Leeds has been advised that health screening and monitoring may be advisable, after asbestos was discovered around the building during a recent health and safety investigation.


Benton Park School, located in Rawdon, Leeds, was recently audited and suffered a number of failings following the investigation. The audit declared that the fire risk assessment for the school “would not be considered suitable and sufficient”, while asbestos surveys were thought to be out of date.


The school cares for 1,300 pupils and, according to the co-headteachers Delia Martin and Steve Dixon, the wellbeing, health and safety of pupils at the school is a priority.


The headteachers stated:


“We have an ageing building that requires significant upkeep, and we work hard to ensure that whenever and wherever health and safety issues arise, they are dealt with quickly and effectively.”


According to the headteachers, the health and safety report was commissioned by the school to enable it to improve the existing practices for health and safety. They added that staff had undergone specialist training so that they are able to comply with health and safety regulations in the school.


The report also advises that staff working in design and technology may benefit from monitoring and health screening, due to the asbestos found around the old building.


Working with asbestos is potentially harmful, which is why PPE is required when handling the safe removal of the substance from the building. A new safety manager was recently enrolled, who will sit on the leadership team.

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