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Britain’s health and safety laws remain unchanged following the country’s 31st January exit from the European Union, but this could change after the end of this year.

The UK has left the EU and is in a “transition period” until December 31, 2020. During this time, the responsibility to manage safety and health risks is not changing. 

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) provides guidance on the health and safety requirements an organisation must follow, and these include:

• Appointing a competent person to manage health and safety

• Carrying out risk assessments to identify risks and hazards

• Providing workers with health and safety information and training

• Having welfare facilities such as toilets and washbasins

• Having up to date employers liability insurance

• Conforming to all requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act

• The reporting of all accidents including ones where no one was hurt

During the transition period, EU negotiations will be carried out to determine the future relationship between the UK and Europe. These negotiations will include trade talks between Europe as well as health and safety issues. In the meantime, health and safety laws remain the same as pre-Brexit.

Businesses and organisations need to stick to the HSE guidelines, which are summarised in the “Health and safety made simple” guide. Further resources and guides are available elsewhere on the HSE website.

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