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With around 20 people dying every week as a result of asbestos related conditions, the Health and Safety Executive has unveiled a new safety campaign.

The campaign will target workers in the construction industry, as well as tradespeople such as carpenters, painters & decorators and so on. Such people can often come into contact with asbestos as many as 100 times every year, according to HSE research by Censuswide.

The survey commissioned by the HSE found that 14% of people believe that drinking a glass of water when working with the cancer-causing material will offer protection from dust inhalation. A further 27% believe that opening a window will help.

Even more worryingly though, was that just 30% of those taking part in the survey identified every safety measure for working with asbestos.

Staggeringly, over half of those taking part in the poll made mistakes when stating what they thought helped protect them. According to the findings, 57% of surveyees made at least one mistake which had lethal potential.

The study, which was conducted last month for the HSE, also found that just 15% of people knew that buildings built up until 2000 could have used asbestos in their construction.

Part of the campaign will see asbestos safety kits be distributed around the country, with advice on safety workwear and personal protective equipment (PPE) also being given.

A new app has also been created for the campaign, which it is hoped will help trades professionals more easily identify areas where the material may have been used.

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