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HSE investigates fume exposure from soldering

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has conducted a study to access the levels of exposure to dangerous fumes experienced during soldering both with and without local exhaust ventilation (LEV) in place.

The HSE found that unventilated exposure to colophony or rosin-based solder flux fumes, which is known to cause asthma, results in levels 50 times greater than the eight-hour Workplace Exposure Limit and over 30 times greater than the 15-minute Short Term Exposure Limit.

However, with an LEV system in place, exposure levels can be reduced to zero.

The HSE says that, during testing, "each [LEV] system had distinct advantages and disadvantages that make their use more or less suitable in various situations".

Workers can also protect themselves from inhaling dangerous substances by using respiratory protection

One particularly hazardous substance for workers is asbestos and the HSE advises that one of the ways people can protect themselves is with the use of a FFP3-rated mask. 

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