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The coronavirus pandemic has meant that hygiene plays a key role in workplace health and safety. To help manufacturers with establishing effective hygiene practices, professional hygiene organisation Tork has published its “Site Safety Guide for Manufacturing”.


The hygiene strategies Tork recommends are based on those in its own facilities. Hand hygiene and surface cleaning are key elements of an effective hygiene policy, and Tork says that employers should make sure that workers wash their hands before, during and at the end of their shifts. High-traffic areas should have hand sanitizers that staff can use instead of soap and water.


Routine regular surface cleaning is required using a suitable disinfectant, and signage concerning hygiene and surface cleaning can provide visual reminders to staff.


Protective PPE (personal protective equipment), such as face masks and gloves, is required for many work situations. Employees need to be trained in the correct way to put on and take off PPE.


Jill Henry, writing for the Occupation Health & Safety organisation, said: “As we all work together in the fight against the public health crisis, it’s imperative to continue to prioritize hygiene best practices in everyday operations.”


Research into the spread of the virus is continuing. It is therefore important for employers to keep up with the latest research and modify their hygiene procedures if necessary.


Tork stresses that fighting the spread of the virus is a joint responsibility between employers and their employees, and that an effective health and safety policy needs implementing during the pandemic and beyond. The full guide is available on the Tork website.

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