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According to a new report released by Grand View Research, the market for PPE (personal protective equipment) in the construction industry is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 5.9%, and it is predicted to be worth 428.4 million US dollars by 2027.

The high demand for PPE is being fuelled by increasing awareness of worker health and safety and the high number of fatalities from workplace accidents. Health and safety breaches negatively affect UK construction operational costs.

The government  is investing in infrastructure and energy projects, and these will provide more work for UK construction workers, who will need to use PPE.

Changes in European health and safety regulations in 2016 resulted in improvements in how PPE is produced and marketed. New technologies for protective clothing and high visibility workwear are expected to also contribute to the demand for more PPE. More efficient production techniques have resulted in price cuts for many items.

Protective hand equipment now represents 23.1% of all PPE sales, as more workers require protection from abrasions, burns, cuts and chemicals.

The demand for waterproof and thermal insultation clothing is forecast to rise due to changing weather patterns in the coldest regions of the UK.

The Covid-19 pandemic has increased demand for PPE. Now that Covid restrictions have eased, PPE such as face masks is still being used in many workplaces. The reduction of the virus threat should not significantly affect the demand for workplace PPE.

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