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A golf club in South Yorkshire has been forced to settle out of court after an employee suffered burns as a result of not being issued personal protection equipment (PPE).

Rother Valley Golf Centre paid Carol Allison, a kitchen worker, £1,751 compensation after she suffered burns to her arm from a deep fat fryer after the club failed to provide her with PPE.

Ms Allison said: "I had that injury because my employer was not doing what should have been done to protect me.

"If I had been provided with long armed gloves then the fat from the basket would not have splashed me. Instead, I have had to endure a very painful injury that has left me with scarring to my forearm."

Ms Allison said that she was aware she had not been issued with proper PPE as she had previously worked in school kitchens where she had been issued with forearm covering gloves to protect them from hot surfaces and liquids.

Laura Scotford, Ms Allison's solicitor, said: "The injuries sustained by Ms Allison came as a direct result of her employer failing to provide suitable personal protective equipment and failing to ensure that all work equipment used by employees was suitable for the job in hand.

"It is every employer's responsibility to ensure employees are provided with a safe environment to work in," Ms Scotford added.

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