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An ongoing inquiry is being conducted by Health and Safety Executive, following an explosion at Excelsior Technologies Ltd.


The Flintshire firm, based at Deeside Industrial Park, has been visited by officials from the HSE after experiencing a fire that was the result of an explosion, believed to have been caused by a fault. The incident occurred on 24th March this year. It is thought that solvent vapours caught fire inside the ducts, due to a fault with the system.


According to witnesses who were working near to the site of the blaze, there was a 'loud bang' around 2:00 pm, followed by shaking. The staff were evacuated from the building, and congregated in the car park while the emergency services dealt with the fire. Officers from North Wales Police attended the incident, along with the fire services from Flint and Deeside. One employee had minor burns, which were taken care of by a first aider at the scene. Hospital treatment wasn't required. Damage had been caused to a printing machine and the ducting, as a result of the explosion and fire.


During an interview with the Daily Post, the HSE confirmed that the incident was being investigated and that enquiries were ongoing. The HSE had also consulted with the fire service, making initial enquiries. No comment was made by Excelsior Technologies Ltd.


Companies are required to comply with health and safety legislation to prevent serious injury when incidents like this one occur. The use of PPE and specialist workwear may prevent life threatening burns and other injuries.

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