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Fall arrest equipment is vital when working at height

A study by the Centre for Construction Research and Training (CPWR) has shown that one-third of fall-related fatalities within the construction injury from 1992-2009 were caused by falls from roofs. The main people affected by this are construction workers in the roofing industry and those working on residential sites.

If you are working at height it is important to ensure that you take the correct safety precautions. Fall arrest equipment can save you from injuries you could sustain from a fall, and could save your life.

Fall arrest equipment stops you from hitting the ground and helps to absorb some of the impact of the fall, limiting the types of injuries you could sustain. The anchor point of fall arrest equipment should be as high above your feet as possible; this will limit the distance of the fall.

Protective workwear is also vital when working at height. Even if your fall is limited by fall arrest equipment, you can still injure yourself if you fall against a building or any other equipment. Protective workwear will further limit injuries sustained by any impact.

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