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A contractor based in Bedfordshire has been fined following a guilty plea to a breach of health and safety regulations.

The contractor had failed to conduct a satisfactory assessment of the removal of asbestos present in a Biggleswade building.


Luton Magistrates Court was informed that Anthony West had been contracted to complete some demolition work at a building located in Biggleswade. Prior to the demolition taking place, West had an asbestos survey carried out to ensure that there was no asbestos present, and that any detected in the building would be safely removed.

However, on 16 April 2015, a member of the public submitted a report about the demolition work to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), initiating an investigation. During the investigation, officers found that the asbestos survey carried out prior to the demolition had not been adequately checked by West before he started the work. Although West had been advised to employ the services of a licenced operator to remove the asbestos, he failed to comply with instruction.

West pleaded guilty to four breaches of health and safety regulations, was fined £2,970 and had to pay court costs of £5,419. Alison Outhwaite, the HSE inspector, stated that West had put himself, other workers and members of the public at risk of serious illness in later years due to his disregard of the regulations.


Licensed asbestos removal experts use a range of PPE and specialist workwear to ensure that they do not expose themselves or others to the dangers of asbestos.

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