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A leading expert has warned private citizens, governments, businesses, schools and hospitals to prepare for the worst case scenario in case of a bird flu pandemic.

While the avian flu virus is currently confined to birds, people in close direct contact with either the birds themselves or their droppings could be at risk.

Should there be an outbreak in the US experts have forecast a worst-case scenario of 20 million Americans affected with two million dead.

As a result, Stephen Guarino, CEO of Global Protection has called on American consumers to take all necessary measures to protect their families, including stockpiling sufficient personal protection equipment (PPE).

"Get ready now in the event of an outbreak. Many employees might opt to stay at home and the ones who do go to work will need the appropriate protection to minimise their risk of exposure to the disease."

Mr Guarino reported that some corporations are considering budgets of $50 million to $200 million to provide employees with PPE in the form of respirators, disinfectants, rubber gloves and similar products readily available.

However, Guarino has warned people without corporate sponsorship to also buy PPE, particularly respirators that meet guidelines set by Centers for Disease Control.

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