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A service provider for the gas and oil industries is facing accusations of numerous health and safety breaches by an ex-worker.

EnerMech employed Stewart Logan for a four-year period when he led the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) programme. He left his position in 2016.

When Logan departed the firm, he was on a salary of over £60,000 and had recently welcomed his son into the world.

Logan offered his version of events at the Aberdeen Tribunal Hearing Centre on Monday when he defended his decision by insisting that his former bosses left him with the obvious decision to leave the firm.

Linda Beadie, Logan's solicitor, asked her client to recount his observations.

He said:

“There were two incidents involving a five-tonne valve collapsing. The second broke somebody’s hand. I flagged it up, saying this could have killed somebody.

“The training days were cut from a day to half a day. It does not give people enough practical experience.”

Whether wearing more appropriate workwear could have prevented the injury remains to be seen, but certainly, there was a lack of concern over health and safety during the incident.

Logan also said that he witnessed a fellow member of staff inebriated after driving a rental car to work on a day intended for training that involved hydraulics. Logan added that he was surprised to see his former colleague retain his position at the company.

Mr Logan had previously resigned from the company in 2014. However, he had a change of heart after his immediate line manager convinced him that improvements would be made.

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