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New safety regulations have been introduced by the European Parliament to enforce high safety standards and stop dangerous and fake personal protective equipment (PPE) from entering Europe.


The improved regulations are due to come into force by 2018, when they will become fully applicable. The rules will be applied to all PPE, which includes sporting goods used for protection, like lifejackets, sports helmets and shin guards.


According to a statement, the new rules will make companies’ responsibilities very clear to them while still allowing competition. A rapporteur for PPE, Vicky Ford, stated that the legislation will bring 25 years of regulations up to date, simplifying them so they are clear to all.


Ford added that the new legislation will make it easier for the authorities to remove dangerous goods from the market. Manufacturers may also find that having one standard throughout Europe will help to boost EU sales.


The Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry (FESI) said that regulation of PPE “is of key importance to the sporting goods industry to ensure that safe protective equipment can be marketed in all EU member states”.


FESI added that all PPE will have the CE marking, indicating that the product is fit for purpose, and will offer a high standard of protection, which is especially important for those wearing protective workwear to prevent accidents and even fatalities while in the workplace. The costs of producing safety-enhanced goods within the EU have been limited for businesses.

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