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According to the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management, EU regulations for health and safety will remain in place despite the UK voting to leave.

However, the professional body stated that the UK was likely to have less influence in the creation of new legislation for health and safety, during the period up to Brexit. The body for health and safety practitioners issued a statement, saying that the current UK law contains a number of directives for Environmental and Health and Safety, which originate from Europe. The statement added that nothing will change until mechanisms are put in place by the UK government, for deregulation.

Until the UK leaves the EU, which could take a couple of years, it is probable that the UK's influence on EU law will be diminished. The institute added that since the UK has been a member of the EU, the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act has been effective at reducing the number of deaths and injury due to workplace incidents. A spokesperson for the institute said:

“Without doubt, we should continue to apply our successful risk-based management systems. Many UK organisations will want to continue to work and trade within the EU and it will be in their interests to continue maintaining compliance. “

The statement further added that the UK has been a strong influence of regulators and nations within the EU, developing a solid foundation for health and safety. Workwear is also regulated and it is crucial to maintain the reputation of specialist protective clothing in the UK.

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