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Manufacturers of personal protection equipment (PPE) have until 2007 to comply with new European regulations aimed at standardising production.

By 2007 all PPE manufacturers must have obtained the CE mark to continue to sell PPE as new regulations governing the production of PPE come in to effect.

Therefore, the British Standards Institution (BSI) said that it is working with PPE manufacturers, which include producers of wetsuits, drysuits and thermally regulated suits, to ensure they conform to the Personal Protective Equipment Directive in Europe.

Developed in September 2005, European Standard EN 14225:2005 was drawn up by experts and leading manufacturers with the intention of standardising the production of PPE across Europe.

Dive Magazine quoted Sam Newell of BSI Product Services, saying: "The new standard offers a clear way for the industry to improve safety for divers and surfers.

"We have been working in conjunction with industry organisations and manufacturers keen to conform to the requirement of the CE mark to reassure divers and surfers that their equipment is of the highest standard safety quality available."

PPE manufacturers can take advantage of a testing service the BSI is offering, which includes observation performance testing and witness reports.

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