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With the May Bank Holiday approaching, a popular time for many to turn their hands to DIY, professional advice is urging people to take more care.


Data from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) shows that over 220,000 hapless home improvement enthusiasts end up in A&E each year.


With many admitted as a result of not wearing appropriate safety workwear, many injuries could easily be avoided.


According to the RoSPA website, accidents with knives and scalpels are the biggest cause of injury, accounting for nearly 22,300 casualty admissions on an annual basis.


Also showing that protective gloves are a necessity when carrying out many popular DIY jobs, saws are the second biggest cause of accidents, with over 15,000 incidents recorded.


A high number of incidents are also recorded with power tools, with people not reading the instructions or following the correct safety advice likely to be the major cause for mishaps.


It is also important to ensure that care is taken with the wide range of materials used in home improvement works. Nearly 30,000 accidents are caused through working with chipboard, wood and similar materials.


Working with concrete blocks and paving, meanwhile, causes more than 21,000 cases at hospital, with many likely to be a result of breathing in dust due to not wearing protective masks.


With nearly two thirds of UK homes planning to take on home improvement jobs in the coming weeks, according to Nationwide, taking care on the job is essential.

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