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Personal Protection Equipment Industry News

Construction site safety guidelines updated by BESAPosted on 01/10/2020

Failure to comply with COVID-19 regulations can be financially costly. Businesses are aware that staff need to wear PPE (personal protective equipment) face masks and be socially distanced, but may not be familiar with all the rules that they need to comply with to protect their staff from the spread of the virus.


The Compliance Checker from Pro Safety Management helps business owners fulfil all pandemic requirements, including hygiene, equipment and vehicle cleaning and how to protect the mental wellbeing of employees.


Pro Safety Management Lead Consultant, Alex Burbridge, said: “These are unprecedented times and rules are changing frequently, so it can be difficult for businesses without a designated internal health and safety resource to know whether they are acting correctly.”


Although all businesses have to follow a set of general rules, companies in different sectors need to conform to safety guidelines for their specific business type. Some employees will have remote workers and are responsible for their health and safety needs.


Russell McCartney of Make it York – an organisation Pro Safety Management has helped –said that in these challenging times, it is important to seek advice from an expert who can clearly explain complicated issues in a straightforward way to enable organisations to make positive changes that protect their employees.

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