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Changes at Companies House means that company directors, secretaries and LLP members can ask for their home address to be removed from the company register to protect their health and safety.


Some people who have a high public profile or are directors of a company operating in a sensitive area can be at risk if people know where they live. For example, people involved in raising animals or selling animal food products are at risk from animal rights activists.


Some famous people and politicians are directors of companies and do not want their home address to be available to the public. There is also the danger of ID fraudsters use the address to impersonate someone. In 2015, the full date of birth of company officials were not included in the public register, which made it more difficult for identity thieves.


Companies House has issued an SR01 form that is used to apply for an address to be removed from a company document filed at Companies House. There is a £55 fee for each document the applicant wants their address removed from. When removed, Companies House will still have a record of the address but it will not be available to the public.


This shows that health and safety for directors and employees do not apply solely in the workplace. Protective workwear may prevent injuries at work, but cannot stop disgruntled customers or protesters causing harm at a home address if this is easily available on company documents.

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