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Howard Leight has announced the launch of PerCap folding banded earplugs for the personal protection equipment (PPE) market

The company, one of the leading hearing protection manufacturers, said that PerCap is being targeted at workers exposed to low levels of hazardous noise, as the semi-aural protector's soft polyurethane ear pods seal the opening of the ear canal significantly reducing noise levels.

Howard Leight claimed that PerCap is extremely lightweight, offering wearers a high degree of comfort regardless of the length of time they are worn.

However, NRR 21 provides optimal attenuation and is achieved when PerCap is worn under-the-chin. NRR 20 meanwhile can be obtained in either of the two alternative positions.

Renee Bessette, COHC, senior marketing/communications specialist, said: "PerCap offers workers a true alternative in hearing protection.

"Many workers are exposed to either intermittent or lower levels of hazardous noise. PerCap's folding design offers convenient access as it is easy to stow in a pocket and don when hearing protection is needed. Plus, its non-intrusive ear pods are ideal for workers who do not like to insert earplugs into their ear canals."

The company said that PerCap was originally developed by sister company Bilsom, although Hopward Leight said PerCap had been enhanced its patented polyurethane foam molding technology.

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