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Pupils returning to one Wiltshire school after their extended Christmas break were in for a real surprise, when it was revealed to pupils that aliens had paid a visit.

The mystery, which went on for the whole week, puzzled all the kids at Liden Primary School in Swindon. Involved with the investigations, pupils were asked to help scientists find the aliens and investigate mysterious UFO sightings in the Swindon skies.

With some parts of their school sealed off by a cordon, and police in attendance, the pupils were told about mysterious metal found in the grounds of school by the caretaker. Later in the week, the caretaker found what appeared to be a nest of glow-in-the-dark eggs.

Despite all the right precautions being taken though, such as the caretaker donning personal protective equipment (PPE), the eggs, and debris found earlier, mysteriously disappeared. A message was left for the pupils, simply saying:

“Goodbye Earthlings and thank you.”

With great planning and execution by staff, the mock invasion was staged to get the kids' creative juices flowing. The deputy headteacher of Liden, Emma O'Neill, said:

“The children have been fully engaged. They have become confident risk-takers with their learning. Childhood is about using their imagination and having fun.”

As well as boosting their confidence in taking risks, the use of protective workwear and following health and safety guidelines was also a positive. As much as risk taking is an important part of growing up, staying safe whilst doing it is equally if not more important.

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