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ABP, which operates several UK ports, has become the first company in the industry to use a new range of PPE (personal protective equipment) that has been certified as socially responsible.

The PPE that ABP purchased has been given an SA8000 certificate, which means that it is sustainable and is designed to fit better and feel more comfortable. The range includes PPE that is specially designed for female workers. In 2019, ABP was the first UK port operator to use specialised PPE for women.

ABP operates 21 UK ports, including Southampton. The company is committed to the UN guidelines for sustainable goals. Its port equipment and vehicles use low-emission technologies.

In a statement, the Head of Health, Safety and Environment at ABP, Alan Tinline, said:

"We're proud to pioneer this new PPE workwear at ABP and achieve another first for the industry, leading the way towards a greener, cleaner future."

Tinline said that the new PPE is one of many ways in which the company is achieving its sustainability goals. The PPE includes protective workwear made from fabrics with the Oeko-Tex 100 label, which certifies that it does not contain any hazardous chemicals or dyes.

The workwear meets the ABP specifications for long-lasting PPE that is comfortable to wear for long periods in hazardous conditions, as well as outdoors in times of severe weather in British ports.

Like ABP, many UK companies want PPE that is manufactured using low-CO2-emission technology and is made from environmentally friendly materials or contains recycled components.

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