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Construction firm launches new smartphone safety app

A North Wales construction company has developed a health and safety app believed to be the first of its kind in the UK.


The managing director of the Hollingsworth Group, Paul Hollingsworth, realised there was a need for employees working off-site to have access to their health and safety data on themselves and any machinery they operate.

When working as contractors, Hollingsworth workers need to assure site owners that they are up to date with current health and safety regulations. This information had previously been stored at the Hollingworth headquarters and not easily accessed off-site.


Paul Hollingsworth decided to create an app so that his employees could access any relevant health and safety data they needed. The app has been developed in conjunction with an agency, Daydream Designs, and the Greenfield Business Centre. Rob Saunders of Daydream Designs said:

“Our aim is to continue to add information to it [app] such as a direct link to the HSE website which may benefit users. We will continue to work with Paul and his own health and safety managers to develop it as a wide-ranging resource which helps his staff stay safe on the job.”


Paul Hollingworth added that his staff and the clients they work with both use and value the app.


There have been many technological developments in health and safety equipment, including smart technology that protects employees working in hazardous condition. The Hollingsworth app is another example of how digital technology can help protect employees.


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