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Personalised or branded staff workwear is becoming more common in the UK, and has benefits for both staff and the company. It’s one of those very rare situations in life and especially business: a win-win situation.


Taking care of employees is a fundamental part of the responsibility of any company, not just from a moral and personal point of view but because it also makes good business sense too. A happy and safe employee is a good employee. By personalising the workwear, staff are getting the protection they need and there are also some handy branding and marketing benefits for the company too.                                                                                                                                  



The workwear you provide staff needs to be tailored and chosen according to the safety needs of your business. This can be established by carrying out risk assessments and by talking to the staff on the front line. Depending on the needs of the staff, the workwear you choose can either be general or task specific.

For example, some jobs require the use of safety goggles, heat protective clothing and even breathing apparatus, whereas others will require hard hats and steel toe-capped boots. By providing your staff with the necessary equipment, according to their needs, you can ensure they are safe and that the job is completed according to the safety requirements of UK employment and health and safety law.

Workwear also has the benefit of increasing visibility for both other staff and for members of the public and clients. A branded workwear hi-vis vest or tunic will identify workers in key areas. The presence of a logo or branding can also help people to identify staff. This is very important for customers who may have queries and for anyone working in environments where heavy loads are moved around.

A uniformed workwear also increase the sense of rapport and team spirit amongst employees. There’s a reason teams at the World Cup all wear the same kits, after all. Having the logo on the appropriate workwear also engenders a sense of pride and belonging amongst individual employees. Knowing that you are representing the company and that you have been valued as a member of staff is great for employee efficiency and morale.

There are, of course, obvious advantages for brand awareness, promotion and marketing by using workwear too. By having your logo or contact details on all workwear, you are more visible to the public, especially if employees are in the public domain during and after the work day.

So, as you can see, along with the obvious (and sometimes legally required) benefits of providing staff with workwear, there are a number of associated benefits for all parties. For a small investment in equipment, you can ensure your staff are treated well, you have complied with legislation and have the added benefit of some low cost marketing opportunities. There aren’t many times in business when decisions seem to make themselves but this would appear to be one of them.


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