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Branded Workwear
Branded uniforms are far more than just adding your company logo to a shirt – they can also improve the way your business operates and enhance its public perception. This blog explains the positive effects of branded workwear through two lenses: psychological and practical.

Psychological benefits of branded workwear 

Businesses that provide their employees with branded company uniforms find that they offer a host of benefits for boosting staff morale and wellbeing in the workplace.

A sense of belonging and team spirit

Job satisfaction is crucial to any business's success, and making your staff feel like they are part of a team is a key ingredient. A shared staff uniform creates a sense of belonging and solidarity while putting everyone on a level playing field so that everyone feels equally valued. This team spirit will then create a collaborative working environment, boosting staff morale and productivity.


Pride and professionalism 

Branded uniforms play a crucial role in creating a smart and professional look for your team and organisation. However, it’s also important to note that your staff should be happy with the uniform policy you decide to implement.


Keep your staff onside by making them an active part of the process; ask for their feedback regarding the uniform’s comfort, style, and practicality. Offering your employees a range of colours, patterns, and embroidery styles can also be fun, and exciting, and bring them together. 


This inclusive HR exercise ensures your workers’ needs and opinions are accounted for, which should result in a positive collective opinion regarding the company uniform. When your employees look and feel the part, they gain pride in their place of work. With a high-quality branded uniform, your staff will be more likely to wear it on their commute, flying the flag for your business and raising brand perception.


Practical benefits of branded workwear 
Save time and money 
Putting together a professional outfit five days a week can be a burden, in terms of both finances and time, which can negatively impact your employees’ mindsets and reduce productivity. Therefore, issuing a smart, practical uniform can save your staff money and free up their time to put to better use. It will also make your staff feel equal regardless of their financial or personal circumstances.


In 2020, dressing for success means feeling comfortable in your workwear to tackle the task at hand effectively. Suit sales are plummeting in light of the pandemic, while relaxed, casual wear sales continue to soar. However, as mentioned, not everyone is in the position to spend money on everyday wear, which is where branded workwear comes in.


By utilising branded workwear, employers can use clothing to organise teams across an entire company. Embroidered polo shirts, for example, fuse professionalism with practicality, and are available in an array of colours. Moreover, for some companies, it’s advantageous to create clear boundaries between work and social life – a task made easier by introducing a branded uniform.


Improved health and safety 
Identifying a member of staff is crucial in evacuation situations, which is all the more pertinent during the ongoing pandemic. The correct uniform is essential for industries undertaking specific tasks, such as industrial cleaning or catering. Moreover, selecting a sufficient uniform will enable your employees to perform their job at an optimal level while easing their health and safety concerns.


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