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William Roberts09/05/2008 04:31:51 Thanks very much for your speedy response. This product will be ideal for our needs. Regards Billy
Protec Staff09/05/2008 03:00:30 Hi William, Thanks for your question regarding Deb Protect Plus, here are the answers you requre. Protect Plus is fully dermatologically tested using the standard patch testing method and is neutral on the Ph scale. Yes, it is the same as barrier cream. Although many people still refer to these products as barrier creams they are more widely known by manufacturers these days as pre-work creams. It will protect against many substances both wet and dry including silicone based products. Its formulation is also silicone free which means it can be used in applications where silicone cannot be used eg in a car body repair shop where the presence of silicone on a newly prepared car body would prevent the paint from adhereing to the surface properly. I hope this answers your query, Technical Support
William Roberts09/05/2008 12:56:52 Hi, Is this product dermatologically neutral? Is it the same as a barrier cream? If so, is it affective when using silicone based products? Many Thanks Billy

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