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WAGW660: W660 Fine Spray System With Split Gun

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Helena Robinson22/04/2008 04:52:27's now four weeks to the day since you asked them for me, so it isn't looking good that they haven't yet come back to you... :(
Helena Robinson25/03/2008 04:04:11 Many thanks, that's much appreciated!
Protec Staff25/03/2008 03:45:26 Hello Helena, I have taken your question and passed it to our suppliers to confirm availability of required attachments and wether thay have the for mentined new technology as standard. I will post your reply as soon as we recieve one. Regards Tech Support.
Helena Robinson25/03/2008 03:21:05 " Sorry, I forgot to add an additional query..,! I understand that newer versions of the W660 come stamped with a red "Perfect Spray“ seal denoting Wagner's "newly developed nozzle technology" . Do the models you have for sale come with this seal? Thanks again!"
Helena Robinson25/03/2008 03:11:44 "Hi, I'm potentially a first time customer, and am hoping it's going the be third time lucky with this posting for information. (The last time I tried my query did appear at a new thread in the 'Product Discussion' Forum but then subsequently disappeared?) Re: W660 Fine Spray System With Split Gun Code: WAGW660 I can't find any mention at your site of the ""Click & Paint System"" mentioned at,857,365.html ? Am I right in thinking the W660 doesn't come with any of the ""Click & Paint"" attachments? If not do you supply them? There are several listed in the PDF instructions manual including: Container with cover (800 ml); Standard spray attachment incl. 800 ml cup; Low-scale spray attachment incl. 250 ml cup; High-scale spray attachment incl. 1400 ml cup; Detail / Radiator spray attachment incl. 600 ml cup. Many thanks in anticipation! "

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