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Which filters for MDF dust?

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Protec Staff21/04/2008 08:50:48 Hello James, Any of the 3M 2000, 5000 and 6000 series filters and cartridges will fit your chosen mask as they all feature a bayonet locking system. If you required a higher level of protection you have the option to clamp particulate pre filters onto gas and vapour filters to do this you would need to use the 501 and 603 filter retainer's. Thank's for the question, Tech Support.
James Rowland-jones19/04/2008 06:09:56 Hi, If I were to buy the 7502 and the filters would I need anything else to use the mask? (I am currently ripping the plaster out of a room and the dust etc I am generatiing is quite incredible). I can't see from the mask photo how the filters attach to the mask. Kind Regards, James
Protec Staff18/02/2008 03:12:23 Hello Mike, Suitable filters for the 3M 7502 to help protect against particulates fine dusts and mists would be the 3M 2125 or a slightly higher level of protection would be 3M 2135. All of theese are easily key searched on our web site. Thank's for the question, Tech Support.
Mike Donnerstag18/02/2008 01:57:24 Please would you let me know the best filters to use with the 3M 7502 mask to filter MDF dust?

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