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Protec Staff11/02/2008 08:40:09 Hello Michael, A suitable size TYVEK coverall for yourself would be a XL although this will not offer a snug fit around the waiste it will give a long enough leg to offer adequate protection. The same size suit would also be the suggested choice for your collegue. Regards Tech Support.
Michael Soltysiak10/02/2008 09:39:06 "And also have a colleague that is 42" shoulder, 34" waste and 6 foot, would the same size coveralls be used? Thankyou."
Michael Soltysiak10/02/2008 09:36:09 "Hello, could someone please explain the sizes for the TYVEK coveralls? I'm a 40" shoulder, 32" waste and 6 foot tall, please help."

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