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Protec Staff02/11/2007 09:43:22 Hi Jim, The moldex 8000 series half face mask combined with 8070 P2 filter will give suitable protection. Any filter that falls into the P2 catergory will protect the user against fine dusts and mists. Thank you for the question.
James Inglis01/11/2007 09:59:29 its all gyproc materials that are used(plasterboard)
James Inglis29/10/2007 08:09:55 yes it is plasterboard.the cement that i use is for skimming over the joints were boards join. thanks
Protec Staff29/10/2007 09:03:08 Hi Jim, Can you confirm if the gyproc is plaster board? If not what exactly is it? Thank you for the question.
James Inglis27/10/2007 07:46:12 thanks for getting back to me.I work as a ames taper and sand down the walls that I skim over with gyproc cement.Really dusty. cheers jim
Protec Staff25/10/2007 05:13:44 Hello Jim, The Moldex 8000 series half face mask is a good choice when working in the aforementioned conditions. Filter combinations will depend on types of dusts you are exposed to i.e. sawdust, brick, or asbestos. If you can provide more information I will be able to match a filter for you. Thank you for the question. Tech Support
James Inglis25/10/2007 04:54:38 would the moldex 800 half mask be ideal for very fine dust and what filters do I order. thanks jim
Protec Staff14/09/2007 11:48:21 Having spoken to MOLDEX technical team regarding your enquiry i can forward my findings as follows. We need a data sheet from the glue manufacturers or the ingredients of the glue for us to be able to select the correct filters from the range available. Sorry I am unable to help straight away, but where respiratory product is required we need to ascertain the correct information. Technical Support
Rob Greening13/09/2007 05:35:46 I am looking to buy the Moldex 8000 Series Half Mask Face Piece but i need to know what filters i can use in it to filter solvent glue.Can anyone halp.Thanks. Rob

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