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Protec Staff13/09/2007 05:26:37 Good afternoon Chris Thanks for your question. As you are aware asbestos is not very nice and suitable protection must be worn. When selecting any form of respiratory mask/system great care must be taken. In this instance you will need to use a P3 filter - whether it be a disposable mask or half/full face mask. If you were to use a disposable respirator or a half mask then goggles must be worn, the full face mask you don't. There are many suitable masks available on the web site, just make sure you select a P3 disposable respirator or P3 filters to suit the half masks available. Just one more note, i would recommend using a disposable coverall (TYVEK, SMARTGUARD ORIGINAL OR ULTIMATE) to protect your skin and a pair of disposable gloves eg latex, nitrile or vinyl whilst removing the asbestos. Technical support
Chris Dawson13/09/2007 05:03:28 I have some, what looks like flat asbestos boards on the roof of my gararge. I am planning on removing them and disposing of them safely. I am wondering if this type of full face mask and filter system is suitable to use in conjunction with other safety measurs i am planning to take? If it is not can you suggest what is?

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