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Protec Staff18/07/2007 08:45:51 Hello Philip, The 3M 7500 half face mask offers the wearer new levels of comfort as it is made from soft silicone it also comes in three different sizes all using the patented 3M cool flow valve. With fully replaceable parts durability and quality are of a high standard. To accurately match a suitable filter we would need to know what chemiclas are in the paint you are using. Thankyou for the question.
Philip Clark18/07/2007 05:07:19 I have recently been decorating and have now lost my voice after painting for three consecutive evenings. Consequently looking for an effective respirator for protecting against paint fumes. Looking for something that is comfortable to wear for long periods, not too bulky, and, most importantly does not continually steam up my glasses. The 3M 7500 series looks interesting although it's unclear what filter options are available.

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