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how to get rid of old sealant?

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Protec Staff22/06/2007 09:24:49 Hi Anthony, It sounds as though you may have a faulty batch of sealant, as this should not run during warm temperatures. In order to remove the existing product you could use a sharp blade to cut and peel away, before preparing the surface. You must ensure that all of the existing sealant is removed before applying a new product. Many thanks for your question.
Anthony Reed21/06/2007 06:23:19 Hi, we have this sort of sealant in our wood frame/glass doors - no idea what brand - and it always runs when it's warm, just dribbles down the frame, lovely. I need to replace it but I'm not sure what method I should use to clean out the old stuff, DIY isn't a strong point. Does anyone have any suggestions please? Thanks.

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