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Uvex Ladies Black Slip On Shoe

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Protec Staff21/06/2007 09:25:21 Hi Tracey, It sounds as though the shoes may be slightly too big. That would be the reason for you feet sliding forward towards the front of the shoes and causing rubbing, whilst you heal is sliding out from the back of the shoes. We would suggest either trying a pair of insoles in your shoes or perhaps wearing a thicker pair of socks. Hopefully this would create a more comfortable fit. Many thanks for your question.
Tracey Bagley20/06/2007 07:13:21 I realy like these shoes and i've recieved a pair ( size 6.5 ) today, my toes are touching and rubbing me at the tip of the shoes but my heal is sliding out the back of the shoes. What would you sudgest i do ?

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