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tuffmaster 11/stickers on helmets

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Protec Staff01/06/2007 01:52:44 Hi Ray - the adhesive used on the back of helmet logo's is acrylic based and has been extensively tested on various brands of safety helmet which are marketed via Protec. I have a comprehensive data sheet which i can forward to you if you so wish, please provide a suitable e-mail address to if you wish me to forward this on to you. Many thanks for your interest in our proiducts.
Ray Beer01/06/2007 01:12:02 If I do not hear from Protec in 14 days after the issue of the aforesaid I will assume that in Alcoa has been fully briefed about this matter regarding the adhesives on your warning sticker and cummsumately assume you have nthing more of sucstance to add .
Ray Beer31/05/2007 08:31:45 Is there a list of approved or unapproved adhesives that is applied to the back of stickers. i.e name tags , union/ football advertiseing inet-alia available that acts or otherwise is inert to the integrity of this helmet range from Protec and or a circular available for purusal to canvass regarding this matter ?.

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