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Do you still supply these

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Protec Staff14/12/2009 04:12:27 Hi Rob, In order for you to receive delivery before Christmas you will need to place your order before December 23rd. Regards, Technical Support
Robert Green14/12/2009 03:50:39 Hi thanks I will have a look through, Can you deliver before xmas?
Protec Staff14/12/2009 11:52:30 "Hi Rob, Unfortunately we no longer stock the Dewalt Velocity Hiker Boots. We do still stock a range of Dewalt footwear but there are no hiker boots as such; We do have a seperate range of Hiker Boots on the site. There are no Dewalt styles here but we do have other popular styles and there are also some Caterpillar boots in there too. If you would like to look around the other footwear brands; Timberland, JCB, Dr Martens,etc, then just follow this link; Also, if you need help with your login details, use the 'forgotton password' tab at the login page and we'll e-mail your password directly. Kind Regards, Technical Support"
Robert Green14/12/2009 11:37:09 Hi I have bought from this site before but forgot my login details, you used to sell dewalt velocity hiker boots but I canot find them on your site. I am after some the same style or similar what do you have? Prefer dewalt. Regards Rob

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