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45cm Chemical gauntlet M605

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Protec Staff04/06/2009 09:03:02 Hi I have looked at this for you , a pvc or natural rubber glove will be sufficient for your application , the only issue we are having at the moment is the smaller size you require the length decreases. We are struggling to find a 45cm glove in a ladies size. Does it have to be a 45cm or can you use a shorter glove? Many thanks Technical Support
David Hannaford03/06/2009 08:12:24 Hi thank you for that. We use them for coating cookers with caustic soda, hence why the long gloves are needed. Our usual gloves have just started getting thin and the size has worn off! how do the sizes compare to normal domestic rubber gloves?
Protec Staff02/06/2009 08:36:30 Hi David Unfortunately the M605 gauntlets are only available in a standard size 10, however please supply details of chemicals and the application you are using and we can clarify whether an alternative smaller gauntlet style glove we use will be sufficient for you. Many thanks Technical Support
David Hannaford01/06/2009 09:50:52 Hi I was wondering if you do these gloves in a smaller size? I have ladies that will be using them they use size 7 in normal rubber gloves. So I am concerned that tese are going to be huge. many thanks

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