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Respirator for paint spraying

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Martin Gent09/04/2008 09:58:59 Many thanks for the advice. I am pleased to hear that my current choice has been suitable. One more thing to tick off the risk assessment. I will look at the other suggestions and the choice of filter is appreciated. Regards Martin
Protec Staff09/04/2008 12:32:11 "Hi Martin, Many thanks for your question, and providing all of the above information. We have spoken to our suppliers on this matter and I can provide the foolowing answer; The 4277 mask you are currently using is certainly appropriate for your application. However, if you wanted to try something new, we could recommend the 7500 Series and 6000 Series Half Masks. These can both be found in the following section of the website: As both products would suit your needs, your decision may be based on price or design (which one looks less like Darth Vader!). Along with these masks you would require a P3 filter. Rather than a standard P3 filter though, you would require one that protects against Organic Vapours and Acid gases - therefore the 2138 filter would be appropriate; Although this looks quite pricey, it comes in a Pack of 20, so this would last you some time. You also enquired about goggles - in truth any pair of goggles would suit your requirements; however the 3M goggles on our website are specially designed to be worn at the same time as their half face masks. You might find that these offer a more comfortable fit. Also just to let you know, we have an extensive range of coveralls, gloves, footwear and anything else you may need whilst working. I hope this has been of help. If you need any more info, don't hesitate to get back in touch. Regards, Technical Support"
Martin Gent08/04/2008 11:15:51 "Hi I did send an email a couple of weeks ago but have had no reply though this could be in hand. Could you please advise on a suitable respirator for automotive paint spraying. I have looked at your forum and see a common theme so hope this will help! I will be spraying 2k paint and Laquer (Both isocyanante and non) in an outside environment. I can provide data sheets though the common components are Iso Laquer Conc% Xylene 10<12,5 N Butyl Acetate 20<30 Isobutyl acetate 1<3 Solvent Naphtha light aromatic 3<5 Etyl 3 etoxypropionate 3>5 Paint Xylene 15-25 2 Butoxyethanol 2.5-10 N Butyl Acetate 15-25 N Butyl Alcohol 10-15 On the HSE website they advise an air fed respirator. I do run a compressor on the van for the spray equipment so can use this or a remote source I have 2 isssues. The first my own long term health! Secondly whilst I avoid spraying with isocyanate laquers when working with other people in close proximity, even with them at a safe distance I would like to avoid raising un necessary concerns by looking like Darth Vader whilst working. I spray in small volumes usually 30 - 50 ml or less of paint and 30 - 80ml of laquer per repair. To date I have been using the 3m 4277 mask but would welcome your advise. Is there a more suitable half mask and goggles solution, and what filters? What would be the least obtrusive air fed system and visor? Both need to be easily put on and removed as I only spray in short bursts. Within reason (I am a one man band! ) cost is not as big an issue as a good solution! I look forward to your response. Regards Martin"

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