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Protec Staff15/04/2008 01:30:50 Hello Magda, A rep will cal you shortly. Regards Tech Support.
Magda Masters15/04/2008 01:24:43 Hi I was wondering how things are going? Thanks Magda
Protec Staff26/03/2008 11:54:11 Hello Magda, This is being chased up as we speak and you should recieve a phone call shortly. Regards Tech Support.
Magda Masters26/03/2008 11:50:09 Hello Have your suppliers managed to get back to you? Kind Regards Magda
Protec Staff18/03/2008 01:34:39 Hello Magda, We have all the information and your account manager is communicating with our suppliers to get you the correct product for your application. I will ensure you recieve a phone call today to discuss this further. Regards Tech Support.
Magda Masters18/03/2008 01:23:25 Hi I phoned last Friday (14/03/08), your sales desk had located the latest Fax. Dated: 13-3-08 approx 3:00pm Eastern Standard. Did they give it to you? Kind Regards Magda
Protec Staff10/03/2008 04:14:06 Hello Magda, Sorry no fax has been recieved. Please send to 0870 863 8604 Regards Tech Support.
Magda Masters10/03/2008 03:53:26 Hi I'm wondering if you received the fax? Magda
Protec Staff03/03/2008 08:49:42 Hello Magda, Please fax the data sheet to 0870 863 8604. Regards Tech Support
Magda Masters28/02/2008 08:06:15 Hello I emailed Thompson, they don't have a PDF but they can fax a copy of the chemical data sheet directly to you. Should i use your regular fax number? 0870 333 3061 Who's attention should it be for? Thankyou :)
Protec Staff28/02/2008 09:12:34 Hello Magda, My supplier has asked for the chemical data sheet before advising of suitable products. If you are able to supply this I will happily pass the advice on. Regards Tech Support.
Protec Staff27/02/2008 08:30:44 Hello Magda, I will look into this for you now and post a reply as soon as I have suitable advice. Regards Tech Support
Magda Masters26/02/2008 07:36:15 "I'm a lampwork artist; making glass objects over an oxygen/propane flame. I am interested in using Thompson enamels (powdered glass) in my work. Thompson enamels are lead-free, a few of the colors contain potentially harmful metals such as Cadmium and cobalt. I have ventilation for my regular glass work. Could you please advise a suitable particle respirator for the enamels. I have been told by an American colleague that i need a NS rating - NS97. Thankyou for your help"

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