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Which filter do I need for paint spraying?

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Protec Staff21/02/2008 04:55:28 Hello Mezie, Would it be possible for you to supply a chemical data sheet rather than a generic as obviousley we need to be accurate when advising on toxic substances your help on this is appreciated. Regards Tech Support.
Protec Staff21/02/2008 09:02:05 Hello Mezie, We are looking into this now and have reffered the question to one of our manufacturers. As soon as I have a response I will post for you. Regards Tech Support.
Mezie Nwokolo20/02/2008 08:31:38 I use nitrocellulose lacquers for spraying my woodwork. What filter/half mask will work for me
Protec Staff20/02/2008 08:34:00 Hello Mezie, Due to the toxic nature of paints lacquers etc, I would need a chemical breakdown of the substance you are using to be able to advise accordingly. Regards Tech Support
Mezie Nwokolo19/02/2008 09:05:04 What filter and half mask can I use when spraying wood lacquers in my workshop.
Protec Staff07/11/2007 03:48:52 Hello Daniel, Without the chemical breakdown of paints being used I will not be able to advise on suitable filters. A good entry level coverall for paint spray would be our Smartguard Original this offers suitable protection at a very competitive price. Thank you for the question.
Daniel Knowles07/11/2007 03:07:24 Do you sell any chemical equipment for spraying chemicals like what farmers use
Protec Staff29/03/2007 10:25:49 Filter selection is dependant on the type of mask you are using and the hazard you are protecting against. Paint is a general term for several products, all of which may contain different hazardous substances. It is always best to provide us with a Health & Safety data sheet on the product before we can suggest suitable protection. A full risk assesment by your Health & Safety officer is really ideal.

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