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Safety Goggles & resperators?

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Steven Sylvester23/08/2007 12:25:29 Hi, Many thasnks for trying to help.. i suppose it is very difficult to know..other than what i said above... just need something that offers general protection all the best Steve
Protec Staff23/08/2007 12:17:45 Hello Steven, We offer many filter combinations giving various types of protection in all enviroments. Without the actual makeup of chemicals found in the substances being used. Please feel free to browse the site to look at filters we could offer. A brief explanation of what they will protect against is attached to each product. Thank's Steven
Steven Sylvester22/08/2007 04:44:08 Hello, many thanks for replying,much appreciated..i can try and give you an idea of the kind of work i will be undertaking? well mostly indoor..using hobby drills and cutting accessories metal wood..also glues,paints variouse...and no doubt other things to..are theor filters which would cover most eventualities? look forward to your reply reagrds steve
Protec Staff22/08/2007 04:39:21 Hello Steven, The uvex-ultrasonic is a medium energy impact goggle offering protection in enviroments with large dust particles. It is also fitted with an optidur single piece lense offering a good field of vision. A suitable budget range half face mask would be the 3M 6000 low maintenance mask. Unfortunately I cannot advise on filters without an accurate description of hazourdous materials being used. Thank's for the question.
Steven Sylvester22/08/2007 01:58:24 Hello, Just wished to ask for a little advice.. i am looking for a pair of goggles like the sound of the uvex ultrasonics..must just add this would be used at home for hobby type work paint,particulates,wood e.t.c. also a resperator like the half mask..but which should i go for (not to expensive)

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