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Protec Staff07/08/2007 01:48:11 Hi Richard, Without knowing what application you are requiring your safety spectacles for it is difficult to make an appropriate reccomendation. However, the following points may help to make your decision: • Safety eye shields – suitable for factory visitors and observers where the risk of flying materials is low. • Safety spectacles – for use with low medium risk of flying particles • Low energy Liquid, Dust Safety Goggle – suitable where the risk is liquid droplets such as cleaning fluids. • Medium energy, Impact Safety Goggle – suitable where the risk is large flying particles. • Medium energy Liquid, Dust Safety Goggle – suitable where the risk is small flying particles and liquid droplets and dust such as pressure washing and high speed machinery and tools. • Face Shields – suitable where the risk is flying particles and liquid splash and there is a requirement to protect thewhole face. Hopefully this will help you decide what eye protection you require. Just follow the 'Eye Protection' link to view the associated products. Many thanks for your question
Richard Green07/08/2007 09:28:19 How do I decide which type of safety glasses to purchase. I.e. High or low impact

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