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best solution to loud music

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Protec Staff01/08/2007 10:21:09 "Hi John, Presumably you are looking for some sort of hearing protection. Without knowing the noise level you are exposed to we cannot make a suitable suggestion. However we do provide an excellent range of corded ear plugs, disposable ear plugs and ear muffs to protect from different variations of noise level, for example; a product such as the Ultrafit 20 is suitable for noise levels upto 93dB, whereas the Earsoft FX product will protect upto 110dB. Your decision will be based on appropriate noise levels and desired product type. Many thanks"
John Falconer01/08/2007 09:21:16 My neighbour blasts his music at full volumn from morn to night and my garden has become a no go area.Any solutions ?

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